Girl Eats Used Tampon

HerYeah that’s exactly what it sounds like folks, a girl ate her own used tampon on camera, then put it on the internet…Thank you, because we like crazy shit don’t we internet! If you haven’t seen this, go find it. I’m not linking you to a video because it’s easy enough to find and I don’t want to be tempted into a wank again.

As with everything on the internet there’s controversy coming from anyone who see’s this video as anything more than a “Oh fuck!” sighting red colour dye with screams of “FAKE, FAKE MAN, ITS FAKE!” And I for one will be the first to admit that It could be fake, but I don’t care. I didn’t even know what a tampon really looked like coming into this video and I’m 21, I just never looked when my mom used to throw them at me and my brother, it’s just something I didn’t do.

The video starts as a fairly happy scene, a smiling pound heavy teen with big ol’ tittay’s and a really nice bathroom with wood and plants everywhere. The girl then introduces herself and shows the camera that there’s nothing going on the floor, no 3rd party interaction or anything, she then proceeds to pull out her blood filled wad of cloth and unhappiness with little more than a squint and places it every so lovingly on the counter for us…

It’s everything you’d expect and twice as hot. If you aren’t turned on by now, then boy there’s something wrong with you. We all know what’s coming now, the gulp. She holds the tampon to her nose and recoils from the stench of either the blood or her pussy, we just don’t know. Then she looks at the camera and says with all the zeal in the world.

“If anybody thinks this is a fake, there’s something seriously wrong with you.” With a quirky smile for the camera.


Although this is bleak, fear not Internet! She does have a wooden Indiana Jones-like cup of water and some music to get her in the zone. As if that’s going to make the experience any better but she keeps fist pumping, takes a sip of water and in goes the tampon…

She did!

I won’t lie, I tapped out when the first copper flavouring touched her tongue I just couldn’t handle it. I genuinely felt like I’d aged 400 years like our Nazi treasure hunter friend up there.

Then she sucks out the nourishment and throws up all over her daddy’s middle class bathroom and we get an icky feeling in our mouth and start feeling differently about vagina much like an actor synonymous with Scientology did 20 years ago.

Now we come to the question of ‘why?’  What would propel a happy teen to suck on tampon for the Internet’s amusement? I DON’T KNOW, but i’ve came up with this set of answers.

. She was hungry (first fat joke, eat a dick)
. Search for the fountain of youth
. Jock said he’d swing her some pipe her way if she did it
. It’s fake and she wanted to troll us
. Internet fame
. Or she’s the ultimate truth or dare player in the history of the fucking world.

I hope it’s the latter I really do because I don’t want to see on the news in 2 days time that she’s been found hanging in her bedroom from 5000 tied together tampon strings…That would be really sad.

I’ll sign off with a piece of advice that we can all take on board and inject into our day-to-day lives. Tampons are not for eating, period.

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One thought on “Girl Eats Used Tampon

  1. I agree that was disgusting I refuse to even watch it. Who in the heck would even want to do that and why ????

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